The Pointy End

Aug 26, 2023

Every season has a pointy end and here we are

At the start of each new season we talk about Clubs, where they finished last season, will the Premiers go on to do it again, who will be the big improvers, key recruits, players that have moved on. The talk and permeabilities are never ending.

The mid-point of each season is where the year often takes shape and some of those earlier questions are partially answered, however there are sometimes still mysteries to be solved, season changing injuries, surprise wins and surprise losses, teams that were not talked about earlier seemingly coming out of the clouds with more wins than most thought.

The talk and walk is starting to take shape but there are still lots of questions!

When the season gets to the three-quarter point this is when things start to get really interesting, the J Curves are there for all to see, the smokies are are starting to glow and they are now showing their potential. The team we thought would be the one to beat has had those interesting losses and sometimes a bottom side takes a big scalp to brighten their season.

Now here we are at the pointy end! After this weekend there will only be five teams left standing in each grade. Five teams to put their flag in the sand and attempt to make a point as to why they should stand on that podium on that premiership day in September in front of their adoring Club members, fans, and family.

The Pointy End is very short for some, one loss and you are out, there is no tomorrow! For others that hiccup can be overcome as you get another chance next week – but then it is sudden death so from now on it is a must win situation.

The Pointy End is what we, as football aficionados, live for. We have done the early season permutations, had those discussions and guessed as to how teams and Clubs will fare.

We have lived through the midseason reconciliation and examined how things are and thrown our opinion out there how we think the back half of the year will go.

As we approach the final round of the home and away, the end-of-season has shown who may be the real deal and who may be able to sneak into the equations.

Now the Pointy End is here, the cards are on the table and the aces are face up and must be played.

Bring on the Pointy End!


GSFL Secretary

Photo above: Dog Cody Connor gets the ball away under heavy pressure from Roo Matthew Wiese.
Photos courtesy of Jesse Ehlers Fleurieu Sun; Ashlee Reichenbach.

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