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Jul 22, 2023

The Great Southern Football League has a long, proud, and inclusive indigenous heritage from matches played at Strathalbyn against teams from Point McLeay dating back to the late 1800s, where the Strathalbyn Football Club, itself in its infancy, would cover the costs of the players crossing Lake Alexandrina by steamer to the Port of Milang and then transporting the team to Strathalbyn to play a match regularly.


The League itself has hosted an Association match against Point McLeay in 1923 where the Point McLeay Club were “determined to uphold the prestige of the Mission Station” against a Great Southern Association team infront of a large crowd of supporters who “showed their appreciation” for the visitors.

Generations of players with names like Tripp, Sumner, Kartinyeri and Weetra – but to name a few – turning up in the records and of course even in today’s edition Fleurieu Footy.

It is interesting to note that the GSFL has around 110 current registered players, all ages, and all genders, currently listed as Aboriginal and/ or Torres Strait islanders across the League’s Clubs.

In this, the League’s Centenary Season, it continues it’s proud history and connection with First Nations people with today’s Indigenous Round.


GSFL Secretary

Above photo: Strathalbyn v Point McLeay, 26th July, 1884. The Ephraim Tripp Reserve in Encounter Bay is named after Ephraim Tripp (left) and is testament to the regard the local community held for him and his family. Ephriam played for the Bays in 1921 aged 55. His son Hugh ‘Skewey’ Tripp (right) played for both Victor Harbor and Encounter Bay. Hugh also made a name for himself as a cricketer and boxer. Slight of build, he soon picked up the nickname ‘Skewey’, supposedly, according to his contemporary the journalist Arch Grosvenor, for the way he used ‘to skew aside, to turn and twist at top speed to getaway from larger opponents’.

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