League Launches 2023 Junior Committee for the First Time

Apr 29, 2023

Can I first say thanks to the GSFL Committee and all the GSFL Clubs for the opportunity to be involved.

Despite being a relative ‘newcomer’ to the area, I hope my experience of sporting administration and involvement in all sports, will be able to bring some meaningful contribution to the GSFL.

President Grant Levy and the rest of the Executive have entrusted me to setup a Junior Committee and chair that Committee in season 2023 – which I believe is a first for this League.

The Junior Committee will consist of Ro Heok, Deb Sullivan, Phill Eatts and myself. Our job is to try to help administer the Junior side of the GSFL,
in consultation with the Executive and all the Club Delegates, remembering that the Clubs make the decisions and we administer on their requests.

I’m very pleased to report that the first Junior meeting of the GSFL back in early March, demonstrated a tremendous willingness from all Club representatives
to achieve an even as possible Junior Competition within the GSFL.

Some of those initiatives have been talked of for some time and they have now been implemented into our Rules and Recommendations.

The main points are the ‘Equalisation Rule’ whereby Clubs are strongly encouraged to ‘lend’ players where necessary to try to give as many kids as possible the opportunity to play our game. I’m certainly of the opinion that one sided Junior games doesn’t help anybody’s development, both on the stronger and less fortunate sides.

The ‘Fair Play’ rule has been introduced whereby in Junior Colts and below, if the margin reaches 60 points, the next centre bounce infact becomes a ‘free kick’ at the trailing sides forward side of the centre square, whilst maintaining the 6-6-6 in respect to positioning of players, when that kick happens.

The one thing that has been a big ‘talking point’ in the last couple of months is the age restriction of younger players, playing up. Through the AFL in consultation with Marsh Insurance and the SANFL down to all country and suburban clubs, Juniors both Girls and Boys can only play one year up from their age.

This is sure to be debated on now and into the future, with some Leagues throughout the state more severely effected than our own League. Currently there is nothing we can do about it, other than voice our concerns.

The more developed and more mature Juniors in the GSFL have the opportunity to play in our annual Association matches coming up in June against our neighbours, the Southern Football League (SFL).

Already our Junior Colts Academy has been in place for quite a few weeks under the control of David Wynn (co-ordinator), Bryn Loots (Coach), along with several other prominent Football people within our area. This Academy has been well received and very well attended, and this will culminate in the Association match.

The Senior Colts this year will be coached by Sam Sherrif with assistance from Dale Cuthbert and Sam McGowan. It certainly is an opportunity for all these lads to further develop their football for themselves personally but at the same time represent their respective Clubs and of course the GSFL.


Junior Committee Chair

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