It promises to be an absorbing and entertaining Centenary Finals Series

Sep 2, 2023

18 minor rounds ago, finals seemed so far in the distance it felt and looked like just a dot.

And for each one of those 18 rounds we all took it one week at a time and tried our hardest and the cards fell where they did.

A few rounds ago some thought of finals, for some, became a reality as their team was either locked in or the numbers said they just might make it to one of the top 5 spots available and take part in the last four weeks of the season.

Now here we are, the first week of the GSFL Finals Series and like every week during the minor round, there will be winners and losers. Some teams will live to fight another day, while others will face sudden death, drop the ball, be out played, and the season is over.

Because of the nature of win and you proceed or lose and your season may end, we all love the drama that goes with finals. It is nail biting and tense at times, not just for the spectators, but, of course for officials, players and staff as well.

Wednesday night we celebrated the season that was and now the Finals have arrived, the grass is mown, the lines are marked, the crowds pour in, the players warm up, the serious stuff starts and there will be smiles and there will be tears.

Congratulations to all the teams that have made it into the Top 5 in our Centenary season. 18 rounds of training, the intensity of gameday on Saturday along with the aches and pain, niggly injuries, winning elation or loosing despair brings us all to this point.

Finals are here and let’s all cheer the teams that got to this far and win or loose celebrate their season!


GSFL Secretary

Photos courtesy of Jesse Ehlers, Fleurieu Sun.

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