GSFL Supplementary Rules


The Rules contained and listed herein have been introduced to and adopted by the Great Southern Football League during meetings of League Delegates and confirmed by majority vote (7 Clubs “for” is a minimum).

The Rules are to be read and used in conjunction with GSFL Constitution and Bylaws as well as the AFL “Laws of the Game”, any SANFL Community Football Rules, Procedures and Guidelines however they shall override or supersede any rules contained in the above.

Amendments, deletions, or additional Rules may be instituted at a meeting of the League Delegates as long as the amendment, deletion or addition rule is listed as an agenda item and the Clubs have at least 28 days’ notice of such.


  • 1. League Executive Officers
  1. A person is not permitted to hold an Executive position with the GSFL and an Executive or Senior Coaching position with an Affiliated Club simultaneously
  2. Club Executive description defined by a position whereby the person has a voting right of the club management committee.
  • 2. Player Transfer hearing referred for a Tribunal to heard by the League Commissioners
  1. A $200 application fee is to be lodged by a Club requesting a clearance or transfer hearing.