GSFL Spectator code of conduct


Parents and supporters/spectators are bound by the following Code of Conduct:

  • Remember that you are there for the participants to enjoy the game. Encourage participation, but don’t force it.
  • Teach that enjoyment is more important than winning.
  • Never ridicule mistakes or losses. Supporters/spectators are there to support, not downgrade.
  • Lead by example and respect all players, coaches, umpires, officials and spectators. Physical or verbal abuse will not be tolerated.
  • Recognise all volunteers who give up their valuable time.
  • Make no detrimental statements in public (radio, television, print or electronic media) in respect to the performance of any match Officials, Umpires, Players or any policy decisions of the Club, or the Great Southern Football League
  • Never publicly criticise umpires, rather raise personal concerns with Club Officials in private.
  • Do not use remarks based on race, religion, gender, or ability. It is your coach, the players, Club, and family that are let down with such remarks
  • Respect the facilities and equipment of your own and opposing Clubs.
  • Do not engage in physical and/or verbal abuse or conduct toward any player, official, administrator, umpire, or supporter/spectator. Such actions are totally unacceptable.
  • Condemn the use of violence in any form, whether it is by spectators, coaches, officials, or players.
  • Abusive language is unacceptable.
  • No Alcohol or Glass on any Oval or Playing surface for the safety of players and participants.