GSFL Player transfer information 2023


ALL, repeat ALL, players need a Transfer Form, be they Junior, Female, Senior, a player returning to their home Club from a SANFL League Club, and they need to complete APPS Statement – if they are a senior player or have played Under 18s at SANFL level.

Senior Players permitting from a SANFL Club (unless they have previously either come from or permitted to your Club) will need an APPS Form – the Player Transfer form filled out also so that Player Points can be determined – if this is not forthcoming then they will automatically be given at least 3 Points!

The Transfer Form needs to be filled out correctly, with the Club they are transferring from named, number of games played for each of the last two seasons played included at the very least – NOT – “approx. 22 A Grade games from 2019 to 2022”

All of the correct boxes need to be ticked or circled and then the form needs to be signed by both the player, or guardian if under 18 and an authorised Club representative.

If I don’t see any paperwork, and this can be scanned or be a clear photograph, then the player will sit pending in PlayHQ until I do.

PlayHQ, now has player initiated transfers turned off as often Clubs are the last to know that a player has done this and many times the player initiated a transfer and then didn’t follow through and the transfer sat in nowhere land for goodness knows how long, and most of the time there was no paperwork completed as a result – so with that you or your Club must implement the transfer and whilst this might be a bit more work for you there will be no surprises by all and sundry.

Once a player transfer is in the PlayHQ system I should be seeing the request for transfer document straight away. It is most frustrating for me to dig back through a long, long list of names to check let along approve.

Please advise your football coordinators, senior, junior and female that this is the case I don’t want to be like the Southern Football League that declines a transfer out of hand when it gets to them, and they have not seen the paperwork!

I check all players bona-fides and may refuse to finalise the transfer/permit until they are correct! This can be and often is time consuming so please bear with me…