GSFL Junior Football Fair Play Rule

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Fair Play Rule – as it applies in the GSFL
(Under 12, Mini Colts – Under 14.5 – Junior Colts)

  1. The purpose of this rule is to encourage coaches to provide the best possible experience for all
    players on a match day. Where a match is clearly going to be one sided on the scoreboard, coaches
    are to use any means necessary to ensure a good experience for all players. This could include:

    1. Rotation of players into positions they don’t normally play.
    2. Resting more skilled players.
  2. If the margin equals or surpasses sixty (60) points after a goal at any stage throughout the match,
    the Field Umpire is required to enforce the following measure to assist with evening up the game:

    1. The trailing team will automatically start with the ball at the forward edge of the centre square.
    2. All players must be set up in their field positions until possession has been disposed of.
    3. If the margin does become less than sixty (60) points after a goal at any stage throughout the
      match, then the Field Umpire will revert back to the ball starting in the centre.
  3. Matches will proceed as normal, for the whole match period. Clubs will enter final scores into
    PlayHQ as normal.
  4. After Competition Grade Matches (Junior Colts), the match points and percentage will be adjusted
    to ensure that no winning margin exceeds sixty (60) points. If this is not done when entering the
    final scores this will be completed by a ladder adjustment by GSFL Secretary as soon as practicable
    following the fixture games.

View The Complete Document Here: Download