GSFL celebrate 2024 Inductees to the GSFL Hall of Fame

Feb 27, 2024

New members of the GSFL Hall of Fame inducted.

Twelve new members inducted.

Sunday February 25th, 2024

The 2024 GSFL Season Launch and Hall of Fame Inductions event was held on Sunday, February 25th at the Encounter Bay Football club.

Those inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2024 include:

Ken Ruge
Encounter Bay and League
292 Senior Games
Twice Association Rep
Premiership Player
GSFL Players Life Member
Encounter Bay FC Life Member
27 Years GSFL Commissioner

Des Roocke                        
Mount Compass
386 Senior Games
Reserves Association B&F
Reserves Coach
8 Years Club Delegate
10 years Association Official
15 years on Club Committee with 8 on Executive
Mt Compass FC Life Member

Bob Martin                        
Mt Compass
24 Season Goal Umpiring
Total of 676 matches.
446 “A” Grade matches
Includes 10 Association “A” grade.
41 Grand Finals – 16 “A” grade GF
8 years GSFL Club Delegate
8 Years Club Committee in Executive Role
Mt Compass FC Life Member.

David Hutchinson                            
Myponga Sellicks
388 Senior Games
Association Rep
Twice “A” grade Premiership Player
18 years on Club Committee
5 years Club Executive
Myponga Sellicks FC Life Member
GSFL Player Life Member

Shane Magor                                    
Myponga Sellicks
277 Senior Games
Association Rep
16 years on Club Committee in Executive Role
Myponga Sellicks FC Life Member

Melvin Squiers                                 
Myponga Sellicks
224 Senior Games
Reserves Association B&F
Association Rep
“A” grade Premiership player
6 years GSFL Club Delegate
25 years Club Committee
9 years as Club Executive
Myponga Sellicks FC Life Member

Nathan Duffield                               
497 Senior Games (so far)
Mail Medallist
3 Time A Grade Premiership Player
1 Time Reserves Premiership Player
7 Season Association and Zone Rep
7 times Country Championships Rep
Reserves Coach
Club Committee Member
Strathalbyn FC Life Member
GSFL Player Life Member

Paul Holdsworth                              
170 Senior Games
25 years as Trainer
20 years Club Head Trainer
15 Years Trainers Association – 5 as President
15 Years Association Trainer
8 Years Zone Trainer
State Country Team Trainer
Nominated for SANFL Volunteer of the Year in 2020
Strathalbyn FC Life Member
GSFL Trainers Association Life Member

Andrew Batten                                
20 years Club Committee, 14 as Executive
14 Years GSFL Club Delegate
4 years as Inaugural GSFL Female Coordinator
8 Years GSFL Executive
Strathalbyn FC Life Member
Association and Zone GSFL Rep
6 Years CSLFUP League Rep

Kym Sewell                                        
Victor Harbor
13 years Club Committee
8 years GSFL Club Delegate
13 years GSFL Committee
12 years GSFL Executive
Victor Harbor FC Life Member
GSFL League Life Member

Michael Simmons                           
Victor Harbor, Langhorne Creek, Strathalbyn
299 Senior Games
VHFC Grand Final Player
20 years VHFC Committee
Victor Harbor FC Life Member
4 Years LCFC “A” grade coach
2 Years VHFC “A” grade coach
2 years SFC “A” grade coach
6 years Association Coaching
3 years South Adelaide FC U17 Coach
Winning Assoc Coach v River Murray in 2008
13 years U15 Boys Academy coaching
Lots of South Adelaide involvement
Highly Respected Journalist

Todd Steele                      
236 Senior Club Games
94 Senior South Adelaide FC games
7 times Captain “A” grade premierships
Association Rep
Twice SA Country Championship Player
9 Years WFC Colts Coach with 1 Premiership
Twice Association Coach
Willunga FC Life Member
Willunga FC Hall of Fame
GSFL Player Life Member.

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