GSFL Bylaws



  • The League shall at its Annual Meeting appoint Commissioners as per the League Constitution section 12d to deal with charges, complaints or disputes against clubs, players, officials, or servants.
  • All tribunals will be held on the Tuesday night following the reported incident, unless for the following:
    • The player not being able to be present, it be held the next Tuesday night convenient to the player. The player cannot play until the charge has been heard.
    • The umpire not being able to be present, it be held the next Tuesday night convenient to the umpire. The player can play until the charge is heard.
    • If for any reason a Tribunal cannot be formed on the Tuesday night it can be held at a mutually acceptable time before the next Tuesday night if possible.
    • If the Chairman decides to adjourn the hearing for any reason, it be held the next Tuesday night. Whether the player can play or not to be determined by the Commissioners.
  • The League Commissioners may, as they in their discretion think fit, censure, suspend or disqualify or impose any penalty as set by this constitution or the rules of the League, any person and/or club found guilty of a charge or complaint.
  • A reported person may only be represented by one of his clubs’ delegates, or listed proxies, provided they are members of the clubs general committee.
  • Any person found guilty by the Tribunal for an offence be fined $100 to defray the cost of the Tribunal. The fine shall be awarded against the person’s Club.


  • Club Officials shall register their players with the League on the prescribed system. Registrations shall be made in the form prescribed by the League and before 8.00pm on the Thursday immediately preceding the Match.
  • The League Secretary shall ensure a list of these players is maintained on the prescribed system by the clubs as deemed necessary.
  • Players cleared from this League will be struck off this list in accordance with the prescribed system.
  • Players not registered on the prescribed system (under the terms of the SANFL Community Football prescribed Player Transfer Rules) are not permitted to play without the express permission of the League Secretary and/or Executive Officer.
  • Players under the age of 12 in that year can play Official Grade Junior Football by being registered on the prescribed system and Team sheet on the day of the match. (subject to complying with section h)
  • Players not having played in the previous 24 months in the GSFL and desirous of changing clubs, can do so by registration on the prescribed system as in (a).
  • All details of registration in the prescribed form are to be completed, Name, Address, Date of Birth (ALL PLAYERS), date of last competition match, with a completed Playing History Declaration (if a Senior Player) and be signed by the player. Penalties exist for false declarations.
  • A player shall only be eligible to play official grade Junior football if the player provides the club an original copy of their Birth Certificate or drivers Licence and is registered in the prescribed form within the prescribed rules in (d) – Club to hold copies of proof of age and to make available to the League Secretary upon request.
  • The ages of official grade Junior Players shall be:
    • Junior Colts under 14 and a half as at January 1st in that year. (under 15 as at July 1st of that year)
    • Senior Colts under 17 and a half as at January 1st in that year. (under 18 as at July 1st of that year)
    • Mini Colts under 12 as at January 1st in that year.
    • U14 Girls under 14 as at January 1st in that year
    • U17 Girls under 17 as at January 1st that year


  • A player who has obtained registration or Club who has registered a Player by means of a false statement shall be dealt with by the Commissioners and/or in accordance with the League APPS.
  • Registrations not having date of birth or Parents/Guardian signature are ineligible for colts and will be considered Registered only for senior matches.


  • A player shall not be qualified to play unless they are registered under the prescribed rules & system of the League on or before 8.00pm on the Thursday immediately preceding the match.


  • Players to be eligible to play in the Finals Round of matches must have played in not less than five weeks in the minor rounds, except for Female Finals where a player must have played not less than four weeks in the minor rounds, or as determined at a General Meeting by a vote carried by 7 or more Clubs, unless the player be of mini colts age then only one minor round game shall be necessary.
  • Players to be eligible in the Finals matches qualify in the grade in which they played the majority of minor round games unless the number of games is equal in which case they qualify for the higher grade and except in (c), shall not play in a lower grade. These conditions shall not apply to the Colts division.
  • If both A and Reserves grade or Colts Teams of the same club are playing Finals Matches on the same weekend any player not selected in the Senior 21 is eligible to play in the Junior grade Final regardless of clause (b).
  • Any player who has played in a Reserves final under clause (c) shall be eligible to continue to play in the Reserves for the remainder of the final’s series, provided they do not play in any further A grade finals matches in that series. (altered Dec 2020)
  • Any deviation from this rule necessitated through illness or injury or other unforeseen circumstances, may be dealt with by the Commissioners. The player and the Club have the right to be represented at this hearing.


  • No player, except as provided for 2(d), shall be permitted to play in this League until he has obtained a transfer from the last club and Association/League with which he last played, in the form prescribed by the League. Such transfer must be approved in the prescribed system on the day before being permitted to play.
  • A player who has been refused a transfer from one club to another within this League may appeal to the League Independent Tribunal subject to the terms & conditions of the SANFL Community Football Player Transfer Rules.
  • In the case of a club’s refusal of a transfer to any player, the clubs concerned are to be notified in the prescribed system & format and if the subject of appeal be notified of the hearing date by the Secretary of the League.
  • No player shall be granted a transfer from this League or by any club within this League, who is under disqualification or suspension.
  • Any player from this League who plays for a SANFL Club is permitted free interchange between his SANFL club, with which he is registered and the local club, using a prescribed permit system. However, to play in another League a transfer must be obtained from this League.
  • A bona fide student returning to his home shall require a permit from another League or Association, provided he is not under suspension or disqualification by a controlling body.
  • A player from this League playing for an SANFL Club and named and numbered between 1 and 35 on that Club’s Senior List is not permitted to return and play for their original Club without the written consent from the SANFL League Club and a permit has been approved. The permit is to be lodged with the GSFL Secretary before the player plays. (altered 2007)


  • No club shall play any player who is under disqualification by any Australian football authority and any club. Violation of this rule will be dealt with by the SANFL Investigation Committee.
  • If any player is reported and suspended, they may not play in any GSFL programmed match until suspension is complete.
  • Any player in the GSFL can only play for one club in this League in any one season unless a permit (Junior Player) or transfer (Senior Player) has been approved.


To preserve player numbers in the Junior and Senior Colts Competitions the following rule is in place.

  • Unless there are extraordinary circumstances, no request for transfer within the GSFL of Junior or Senior Colts players is allowed from a Club where their Junior or Senior Colt team had less than 24 registered players at the end of the previous season, unless the applying Club provides the League Secretary with written permission from the source club at the time of the transfer application.
  • If both Clubs agree to the player movement, then an authorization in writing from the players Club must accompany the transfer request when submitted to the League Secretary.
  • Any request for transfer due to extraordinary circumstances must be approved by the Commissioners.


  • No club shall play a player who for any reason is unqualified.
  • Any incident of a club breaking this rule must be reported by the Secretary to the President who will confer with the Executive Committee and shall impose any of the following penalties:
    • If the Club wins the match, they will lose the premiership points scored for that match and have the points scored ‘for’ annulled and be fined $200. The losing team will not receive the premiership points.
    • If the club loses the match, they will be fined $200 and also have the points scored ‘for’ annulled.
    • Any club breaking the rule in the Major round will lose the match and be fined $200. The losing team will be awarded the match.
  • For an incorrect Team sheet the Executive shall impose any of the following penalties:
    • If an incorrect name is put on a Team sheet and it can be proved that a registered qualified player plays, the club is fined $50.
    • The same name appears twice on a Team sheet, and it can be proved that a registered qualified player plays, the club be fined $50.
    • No runner designated on a Team sheet; the club be fined $50.
    • If the Executive desires due to extraordinary circumstances, the team sheet may be passed on to the Commissioners who can inflict any penalty under this Rule
  • Any Club found to be playing a player under an assumed name shall be dealt with as follows:
    • Named match Officials on the team sheet to be taken to the Tribunal and charged under Rule 11B c) and d).


  • Who can report
  • The following shall have the power to report under the AFL National Community Football Regulations.

    • Club League Delegates.
    • League Executive.
    • All Panel Umpires and Umpires Observers officiating on the day.
    • All such reports to be in the hands of the League Secretary by 9.00 am the Monday immediately following the game or within 38 hours for any match not played on a Saturday.

  • Reporting Other Offences
    • Clubs are to be responsible for the behaviour of their Officials.
    • No Club, official, player, or servant of the League or of a League Club shall:

      • Use abusive, threatening, or insulting language to the League Delegates or umpires or other Officials or to players or to gatekeepers.
      • Interfere or assault any League delegate, umpire, other official, servant of the League, a playing member or a gatekeeper.
      • Be guilty of any other conduct which is detrimental to the best interests of the Australian game.
      • Refuse, or neglect to comply with or observe the Rules of the League.
    • Any Club allowing incorrect attire to be worn in a match or permitting Officials incorrectly on the oval during a match may be reported by the opposing Club.
    • Charges under this Rule (10) (b) may be made by an umpire, an Official of a Club or an Official of the League.

      All reports must be in the hands of the League Secretary by 9.00am the Tuesday following the game together with a fee of $100 which will be refunded if the charge is upheld.

      Any Club or individual found guilty of an offence against this Rule (11B) in respect to the conduct of an official of that Club, shall be liable to a penalty not exceeding $1000. Such penalty not paid within fourteen days of notice shall incur a further $50 fine, then all fines shall be paid within seven days of further notice, or all premiership points gained while the Club was unfinancial shall be irrevocably lost.

  • Hearing of Charges
  • All these charges shall be held before the League Commissioners within seven days of the charge being laid.

  • Match Footage Review
  • The GSFL Tribunal, may accept video footage of an incident where a player has been reported. The club supplying the video is to present the footage and equipment at the Tribunal hearing.

  • Rules for Appeal against Commissioners finding at a Tribunal Hearing
  • Appeals Committee

    To consist of any two members of the GSFL Executive and three neutral Club Presidents.

    Procedure to call Hearing.

    If there is a perceived injustice from the Tribunal Hearing to the defendant by any of the parties involved, the following must be adhered to:

    • Appeal to be lodged with the GSFL Secretary by 9.00pm the following night.
    • Appeal to be heard the following night. after (1) above)
    • $1000 to be lodged with the appeal.
    • Appeal to be lodged by the concerned party’s Secretary / Club Official.

    Appeals Committee’s rights

    The Appeals Committee may make any of the following which will be binding on all Parties concerned.

    • Reduce the Penalty.
    • Increase the Penalty.
    • Leave the Penalty the same.
    • Dismiss the Tribunal finding.

    If the Appeal is upheld by the Appeals Committee the $1000 will be returned.


A player who is suspended or otherwise punished may appeal to the SANFL Community Football under the conditions as set out in the Affiliated Leagues Charter.


Any player selected to play in a combined League team who neglects or refuses to play in such a match or attend training without reasonable excuse, may be dealt with as the Commissioners see fit. Excuse on medical grounds must be accompanied by a Doctors Certificate. The League reserves the right to request the player to consult a doctor of the League’s choice at the Leagues expense.


    • Each club shall register its full uniform or any changes (colour and design) with the League for its acceptance by the Delegates,
    • Only the registered uniform shall be worn by the respective players in GSFL matches. In the event of an emergency and the correct uniform not being available, the uniform to be worn shall be satisfactory to both captains.
    • Clubs allowing incorrect uniform to be worn shall be fined $210 per team ($10 per player) each match if found guilty by the tribunal.
  • If in the opinion of the Executive a clash of uniform may take place;
    • In the minor round the home team shall wear their registered uniform and the visiting team shall wear the uniform as determined by the Executive.
    • In the major round, the team finishing higher on the Premiership list at the end of the minor round, shall wear their registered uniform, the opposing team the uniform as determined by the Executive: Or if the opposing team desires can use the Association uniform.
  • Special occasion uniform, for example: heritage or cultural, needs to be submitted to the Secretary and approved by the Executive no less than 30 days before use in any programmed match.


  • A programme of matches shall be decided upon at the Annual General Meeting.
  • Alteration to match venue
  • When considered necessary because of extenuating circumstances the League Executive may endorse a recommendation from each of the two participating clubs for a change of venue by no later than 7.00pm the night immediately before the match.
  • To change the Match Day programmed to any other day, 7 days’ notice must be given to the League.


The Football season shall commence on a date to be fixed by the League at the Annual General Meeting.



  • Time on to be added in other than A grade if a player is being removed from the oval on a stretcher.
  • Any club not ready to start at the appointed time may be fined or otherwise dealt with as the League may think fit and in addition, if not ready to start within 10 minutes of the appointed time, shall forfeit the match to the opposing team. The field umpire shall notify the Secretary of the League of the details of any default, and his decision as to the time shall be final.
  • The Reserves must be finished by 2.25pm and the A grade START by 2.30pm, and club not ready to start by 2.30 shall be fined $50 with a further $50 fine if not ready by 2.35pm.
  • Starting times of matches may be altered from time to time as the League sees fit
  • Starting times for normal Saturday Matches – other starting times may be in place from time to time as decided upon by the two opposing Clubs and approved by the League Secretary.


Starting time no later than 9.50am,

quarters 4 x 15 minutes all no time-on. (Finals 2 x 15 mins NTO + 2 x 15 Mins plus time on)

Final siren to be sounded no later than 11.10am.


Starting time no later than 11.15am,

quarters 2×20 mins and 2 x 15 minutes all no time-on. (Finals 2 x 20 mins NTO + 2 x 15 Mins plus time on)

Final Siren to be sounded no later than 12.40pm.


Starting time no later than 12.45pm,

quarters 4 x 20 minutes, no time-on. (Finals 2 x 20 mins NTO + 2 x 18 Mins plus time on)
(Altered 2022)

Final siren to be sounded no later than 2.25pm.


Starting time no later than 2.30pm,

quarters 4 x 22 minutes, time-on in all quarters.


  • Starting time may vary but will be made known to the opposing Clubs at least 14 days from the date of the match.


quarters 4×10 mins all no time-on.


quarters 4×12 mins all no time-on. (Finals 2 x 12 mins NTO + 2 x 12 Mins plus time on)


quarters 4×15 mins all no time-on. (Finals 2 x 15 mins NTO + 2 x 15 Mins plus time on)


No club shall play any match other than a League match without first obtaining the previous approval of the League and clubs not involved in semi-final or final games shall not play any match without first obtaining the approval of the League.


  • In all matches two points will be counted for a win and one point for a tie.
  • If, at the conclusion of the first round any two or more clubs have obtained an equal number of points, the position of such clubs shall be determined by the percentage of points kicked for and against such clubs.
  • Method of percentage

    Points scored for – divided by the points scored “for” plus points scored “against” multiplied by 100 to give a percentage.

  • At the conclusion of the Minor Round of matches the top five clubs, as determined by their ladder position, shall play off for the premiership unless otherwise decided at a General Meeting.
    • Elimination Final 5 v 4
    • Qualifying Final 3 v 2
    • First Semi Final Winner (1) v Loser (2)
    • Second Semi Final 1 v Winner (2)
    • Preliminary Final Winner (3) v Loser (4)
    • Grand Final winner (4) v Winner (5)
    • The Winner of (6) shall be declared Premiers

    Except for Female Football where;

    At the conclusion of the Minor Round of matches the top four clubs, as determined by their ladder position, shall play off for the premiership unless otherwise decided at a Delegates Meeting.

    • Elimination Final 4 v 3
    • Qualifying Final 2 v 1 – winner through to Grand Final
    • Prelim Final Winner (1) v Loser (2)
    • Grand Final Winner (2) v Winner (3)
  • That all ties in Finals decided by extra time played each end, beginning with five minutes each end and adding additional five-minute segments as necessary.
  • In all Finals matches involving Junior Colts, Senior Colts, Reserves, under 17 Girls and Open Women time-on will be played in the last two quarters. In case of a Tie extra time will include time-on.


  • No club or player shall refuse to play under the field umpire appointed by the League, and no club shall forfeit any match because of objection to the appointed umpire. A club so refusing to play or forfeiting a match for such reason shall be suspended or expelled from the League or otherwise dealt with as the League may determine.
  • Any players or player who refuse to play or takes part in the forfeiture of the match on account of the objection to the appointed umpire may be disqualified for such period as the League shall think fit.
  • A Club forfeiting a match for any other reason shall notify the League Secretary of its reasons for forfeiting and the League may accept the explanation or deal with the club so forfeiting or the players of such club as it may think fit.
  • In the event of a club receiving a forfeit it will be credited with the points “scored for” at the rate of 100 points for A grade, 80 points for reserves, 60 points for Senior Colts, and 40 points for Junior Colts, 40 points for Under 17 Girls and 60 points for Open Women.
  • Any club which forfeits a match in the last three minor round games shall be liable to a fine of $50. per match.


  • In every match a list on an official team sheet of the twenty-one (or twenty-three if Junior Colts) players with their respective numbers shall be exchanged by an official of each opposing club, and only the players mentioned on such team sheet shall be qualified to play. A copy of each team sheet shall be handed to the field umpire before the start of the match, to be kept by them when necessary for identification purposes when a charge is laid.
  • The interchange players must be on the ground in uniform and ready to play for the entire duration of the match.
  • The Interchange players who comply with (b) of this clause, but not otherwise, shall for all purposes be deemed to have played in such match.
  • If a match is forfeited all players listed on the team sheet shall be deemed as having played.
  • Runners’ names must appear on all Team sheets team sheets.
  • A Team is permitted to have two runners provided they are both nominated on the Team sheet and that only one runner is permitted on the field during play at any one time. Penalty following report: – a warning; or fine of $200; or Team suspension from using two runners as determined by the League Commissioners. (added Dec 2022)
  • Female Football Team player numbers may vary according to Appendix C – (Current Year) GSFLW Match Day Requirements


  • In the event of a tie in any grade all players be equally recognised. (There will be no count back conducted).
  • The fact of a player being found guilty of a reportable offence, will then be deemed ineligible for this award.
  • The fact of a player being suspended through the Send-off rule is to have no effect on the outcome of this award.


  • The League shall arrange for the appointment of field umpires for every match under its control. Each club for each match shall provide one boundary umpire and one goal umpire in approved uniform and one timekeeper.
  • In the event of any Club failing to do so, the opposing Club may appoint a substitute. The defaulting Club to pay the fee of such umpire.

  • No League Field umpire, who has acted as such, shall be allowed to play in a League match during the season in which he has acted, except with the consent of the League.
  • The League may annul the appointment of any umpire during the season.
  • The scores shall be kept on scoring cards supplied by the League to the goal umpires and are to be initialled by the field umpire and returned to the home Secretary who will forward them to the League Secretary no later than three days after the match. The Home Secretary shall also forward to the League Secretary team sheets and voting papers no later than three days after the match. Failure to do so may result in a fine of $50.


To prevent spectators crowding the goal umpire, all grounds must be roped back from behind the goal post for a reasonable distance. Any club failing to carry out thin rule may be dealt with by the Commissioners as they see fit.


No rule or bylaw of the League shall be made or altered or rescinded or added to except by resolution of the League, passed by seven individual Club votes at a League Delegates meeting or at a Meeting called for that purpose, of which notice shall be given not less than 28 days before the date of holding same, and which notice shall set out the proposed alterations. (changed Dec. 2022)


  • Any club not paying any monies due to the GSFL by the due date on the account (which will be 21 days from the date of the account) will be fined $50 to be added to the account, the total then to be paid in 7 days of notice to the club Secretary, from then on $50 will be added for each further 7 days the account is not paid.
  • A Declaration will be signed by all clubs agreeing to abide by all the Rules and Bylaws of the GSFL in their entirety. This be a requirement of Affiliation.
  • Any matter not covered in these rules may be dealt with as the Delegates see fit.


All Clubs shall abide by the Approved Player Points System as in SANFL Community Football APPENDIX 4 – APPROVED PLAYER POINTS SYSTEM (“APPS”).


  • All Clubs shall abide by any Rules and Regulations not covered by these Bylaws as outlined in the “AFL Community Football Handbook” and the “AFL Laws of the Game”
  • GSFL League Bylaws and Rules agreed at a General Meeting take precedence over any other.